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Reviews for "Pokemon GO Stickman!"

whaaat?? you think you could catch me? thats got me laughing inside and also when he said square up also JME's instrumental was great as well

Good that this wassn't BLAMMED. Becuase it's funny, original, funny, funny and hillarious. I loved it, nice meme'd bro (keep up the hard work). This wil have a special place on my "Favorite Movies" pod.

<zt, the guy who laughs at anything>

Does hitmonlee have balls!? Who knew?

lol. "Like the Pokestop next to my grandma's house." Only funny because it is true!

Kind of different

Well that was kind of different but it was cool and I like this flow of animation even the story was pretty good some good depth and ideas here so nice work here and a good story to bat I look forward to much more from you this was pretty good stuff keep it up

Good animation and I thought it was fine as is