Reviews for "Frog Fable"

Fun, little game. Besides the slowdowns when hitting enemies (dunno if it's intentional or something on my side), it's a perfect time waster. Without a moment that boggles down the gameplay and forces you to grind, and that's what I appreciate the most.

Big plus for an actual pixelated art, or at least I didn't noticed it's fake like with so many games nowadays.

Awesome game!

10/10 (never thought i would finish the game) I LOVE IT !!

- Please tell me you're making a second part!!

rzuf79 responds:

I will come eventually, but will definitely take some time.

game nice really :) i'm love see have part 2? :D and game really fun :) i'm kill Evil can't get all badges

really Game Fun


top notch shoot-'em-up with a nice twist at the end.The last boss fight was tough, but well-balanced and a challenge the likes of which is rarely seen in games these days. I hope there is a part 2!