Reviews for "Frog Fable"

This is just a masterpiece. The soundtrack is really good. The gameplay is fun. The final boss is infuriating to kill, but since you keep collecting gems and getting stronger, it's not impossible.

Did you compose the songs yourself? Do you think you could upload them here on Newgrounds?

rzuf79 responds:

Thanks, will do!

Very fun game. I'm only sad it isn't longer. The mechanics are solid, I like the semi-jokey way you get the autofire, and the mobs provided a great progression in danger. If I would suggest anything, aside from a longer game, I'd suggest separating SFX and music to two slider bars; the music was good, but I personally like to have the music at a lower volume so I can more easily hear the SFX.

Looking forward to the sequel, which I hope there will be, and any other games you create in the future.

Heh, love the simplicity of the game, it's a good challenge go go trough the game without dying, not hard.pretty good game bro.

prize of the best frog rpg 2017

Are you the guy who made Window Frame?

rzuf79 responds:

Wasn't me! Looks awesome tho.