Reviews for "Frog Fable"

Love the sprites, gameplay is consistent and the text is good too. One thing that felt a little bit off was the final boss, because the game had a pretty smooth dificulty progression until you get there, where it becomes more about grinding your skills or stocking up potions than playing well. Kinda cheap.

Fun game though, the type of game you get when the dev has fun coding it too, I bet.

rzuf79 responds:

Well... Some playtesters were complaining, that final boss is too easy. Good thing I didn't listen. :D

Damn bunny has 5 forms?! Too hard pls nerf it.


A really high quality game

Is the theme song on soundcloud or youtube or anywhere? :3 (loved the game btw <3)

rzuf79 responds:

Here's the Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rzuf108
You can also download all the music from heeeere: http://23turtles.com/ff_music.zip