Reviews for "Chaos Eclipse II"

There should seriously be an option to skip the boring intro.

I immediately started spamming click to get through dialog and the character creation options (kill guards or not etc.)

After a minute of this I just got tired and gave up. You should allow us to skip the story part of the intro so we could get to the actual game.

I can't even give this a rating because I never got to the game.

JackAstral responds:

It's a visual novel.... !

It's cool! i'm a tad bit dissapointed that the first decision doesn't really affect the outcome of the ending. Knowing Dai by now though i wasn't gonna hand him the orb, Everyone knows who follows your series that guy can't be trusted (That Jerk off! D:<). I always feels like this series pulls at your heart strings a bit more due to it's series nature, Excited for Chapter 3! Gonna be an epic conclusion, i do have but one question though. What happened to the Blue haired Kid from Chaos Girl 1? did i miss something? O:

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! He died in the Chaos Girl finale :)

Really.REALLY!!!.I thought it was gonna be a good ending and i thought ami will not destroy the city what happened before!!!.sooo it has been a long time since i played your games which you have to make choices.soo i have maked a choice that i have to question you before the final episode releases.

QUESTION TIME~~~~~(even tho it is only 2 questions)

1.Will Ami Die in the last episode in chaos ecilipse.

2.does the main character in "Chaos Girl" comes soon to your future games?

Hope you do well on the 3rd chapter ^_^

JackAstral responds:


1) Maybe ;-)
2) Probably not...but never say never

Wow cool !
That so mystery and i like it !
Way to go man !
[Sorry for my English , I'm Vietnamese :v ]

JackAstral responds:

Thanks !!

Like original Chaos Girl save a girl and at end she must die
Wasnt better to say him stay friendzone? At least his heart wil not hurt so much...
Good job man - your dark, nightmare draw style making me happy cause it hardly ever to find somebody who can really make horror atmoshpere and story like you
I see the same situation like in original chaos girl but i belive its another world called 09 ( ir its remastered version :D )
Its only my opinion :)
Cheers for next project !
PS: Make easters eggs pleeease ! ^_^ ( secrets are the best ! )

JackAstral responds:

Thanks - the 3rd chapter will answer a lot of questions :)