Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

pineapple best waifu, rating ten out of pen.

This was definitely one of the most challenging and difficult games I have played in Newgrounds. The game's tags are "funny", "hard" and they are 100% accurate. It was funny while it required timing and skill especially when you had to climb down the tower. In some part of a floor where I had to climb up a wall with spinning blades it literally took me hours to get past it and my fingers were hurting because of the replays. It totally took me 6 hours and 22 minutes to beat the game.

Also I like that it was not a short game like others which makes it even more great.

Well made, keep it up! 5/5

Although it is a rectangle and not a square, I'll still give it five stars. Good way to occupy myself for two hours (while hurting my foot and getting mad at the chair i kicked so i throw it down

Simple.But really funny.

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