Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

Like Delvonshi said, the framerate skips are too much for a game that requires this much skill.

Also, I have to accustom myself to the fact that every time I hit a wall I tend to stick to it.

this game reminds me of super meat boy, not just because of its style, but because its a rage game and instead of using dumb traps it actually requires skill, just like meat boy

good game nice mechanics and good movement and controls.

The game idea is solid. However I can never recommend this game for steam until you fix the basic movement. The icy style platforms I can deal with. Momentum based wall jumping combined with frame rate loss? That's a no. You need consistent wall jumping mechanics to make a game like this work. There is a second on the way back down the tower that is near impossible due to how wall jumping works. And when you do complete it.. it's not skill it's luck. Why? Because the section is longer than the frame rate skip. It requires you to maintain wall jump momentum and when the frame rate dies the wall jump loses it's momentum. The only variable on wall jumping should be how much backward pressure the player applies against it once you are already airborne.

Good luck and if you fix those things I'm sure it will be a nice time waster.

It is a good game, but the lag and frames are unforgivable. This game requires you to think fast and with a stuttering of frame rates, it is hair pulling. the wall jump mechanics are bad, and the saws seem to have a wider hit box than they should. the premise of a tower with pineapple is kinda dumb, but the game knows this so it pulls jokes when it can. the swim mechanics are really slow and the jump and run is kinda floaty. Pretty cool how you can use controllers for this game. Personally, this is a rage game. The music is nice and the elements are well made although there are massive difficulty spikes in some parts.