Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

Nice game, though some of the wide wall-jump-sections are a bit tedious (As in, not hard, just annoying to do slowly over and over again right before a hard section).

In addition, I might be wrong about it, but it seems like you can pass through platforms if you move fast enough, though that's just a minor fault.

Other than that it was a nice hard game, good luck with future endeavors!

I played it some days ago and i'm glad u updated the controls.

Doing a hard game is.... hard :D because it's easy to fall in a stupid difficulty.
Ur levels are well designed and the progress all over the levels is mastered.

Now two disturbing things :
- SPACE ? Seriously ? Why not using UP for Arrow players ?
- If you touch a wall too fast, sometimes you get stuck against the wall and can't do a air control, you have to jump for leaving the trap :p

It's a nice game, i like this kind of challenging things.
Continue like that ;)

Decent. There was one specific save in the 2nd part that I hated with passion (the one with vertically moving saws). Rest was ok.

Clear time: 2:13:35

This was definitely one of the most challenging and difficult games I have played in Newgrounds. The game's tags are "funny", "hard" and they are 100% accurate. It was funny while it required timing and skill especially when you had to climb down the tower. In some part of a floor where I had to climb up a wall with spinning blades it literally took me hours to get past it and my fingers were hurting because of the replays. It totally took me 6 hours and 22 minutes to beat the game.

Also I like that it was not a short game like others which makes it even more great.

Well made, keep it up! 5/5

maybe it's my pc being a filthy c*nt, but sometimes I'll press the spacebar to jump and it just won't do it. I couldn't get past the 4th or 5th floor because a small part required some coordinated jumping... It was good while it lasted, I guess.