Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

Conceptually clever, but between the INCREDIBLY skatey controls, the vacuum suction to the walls, and the occasionally poor control response, this otherwise fun arcade platformer fairs about a well as it's (non)story. It is genuinely enjoyable, but you'll need a hell of a lot of patience to actually finish the thing.

Although it is a rectangle and not a square, I'll still give it five stars. Good way to occupy myself for two hours (while hurting my foot and getting mad at the chair i kicked so i throw it down

1:43:02 for completion
674 deaths

Hard. Really strict precision with the sliding around was maddening but doable.
The only thing I say you should genuinely take a look at is when you stick to the walls. It can make some sections downright torturous. It's honestly just annoying.
Other than that, the music was pretty good, and didn't really distract. It was a good choice.

Time: 1:18:38
Deaths: 425

Really liked the game. The size of the character in comparison to the environment makes it harder by quite a bit and the difficulty was pretty good in the way where it progressively gets harder. Only problem was the controls were a bit sticky at times and as others have mentioned, the sticking to the wall kills you so much, but I guess that might have been planned (?). Anyways, totally great game and 11/10 story.

1h24 and 494 deads...
I really thought i would quit at some points (especially on the way back with the blades in the vertical shaft).
The sticking to walls is a bit of a problem. There is no way to detach from the wall unless you jump, meaning you often either have to fall to certain doom or have to jump into a blade. Make it so you stick to walls only if you hold the arrow towards the wall.
The wall spikes are really cheap. At least put them in the foreground so i can actually see them properly when I'm focusing.
The music was good and I liked the idea of having to climb a tower.
The ending was a bit anticlimactic but I guess that was what you were going for.
Overall it's a good game but some parts felt really unfair, mainly because of the way the character accelerates (hold the arrow a bit and you barely move, hold it to long and you fly over the screen) and because of the sticking to walls thing.
7/10 4/5