Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

pretty good. wall jumping's not that great but it's still fun to play.

(Sorry if I write weird things, I'm spanish)
Good game, fun to play and with a lot of mini-levels inside the big level than it's this game.
Try to improve the controls because sometimes I losed a level for the controls.
But a great platformer anyways.
ps: about The complete game It will be free or not?

I can't possibly give this any sort of high rating. The player's sprite is almost non-existent to the point where I can easily lose track of it, and there's next to no traction; once I start moving, which takes about a second to build to full speed, I'll constantly be slipping around on the floors. Another huge problem I have is that your character automatically clings to a wall when it's near one; naturally, you'd think that pressing the direction opposite the wall would let you curve away from it, but once you're on the wall, you have to commit to a jump to pry yourself away which can be dangerous given how many of them are lined with barely-visible sawblades.

This isn't "tough but fair", this is just plain obnoxious.

Fairly basic platformer. This would be solid but toward later levels I'm really starting to feel the poor control response, and that really isn't acceptable in a precision platformer.

Good game. Outright sadistic in many senses, but a fun concept done in a way that accelerates at a reasonable pace.

That being said, my main gripe seems to be that FPS tanks sometimes and it makes controls less than responsive. It's a really subtle tanking, no more than 10-20 frames less per second, but it's definitely there. Thought it was me being tired last night, so I logged back on this morning, lo and behold I'm seeing it crop up a lot, especially near turrets in particular. Maybe an iterator that's too hefty? I can gauge it pretty well by jumping up and down a few times, and seeing how smooth the transition is.

That being said it's otherwise solid. The control hangups are pissing me off more than anything, but slowly progressing due to sheer luck and persistence.