Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

I can't wall jump, so this game is frustrating

Failed to rescue Pineapple in: 03:09:19
Failed to kill Big Square in: 03:39:39
the speeding up is way to fast
it sucks that you stick to the walls if you touch them which forces you to jump off making you die or fall back down

Such a well made platformer. It was hard but I've never felt unfair about this game.

The gameplay was fairly basic, and it was really just a basic platformer, with no big concepts other than you are small. The only problem with it is that the character is so small, and the controls are so sliding, its hard to get any precision with it. This, combined with the fact that the walls are sticky because of the wall jumping, makes the levels demanding precision not worth the basicness and repetitivity of the platformer itself. Basically, the levels are too basic and repetitive to be worth playing.

It's a good game but the controls suck and the player in to small