Reviews for "Big Tower Tiny Square"

Tough gameplay and possible social commentary. What is not to like?

One more thing: consider a more careful manipulation of acceleration, dear sir, if this genre ever appeals to you again.

The premise is stupid bot the gameplay is the real stuff here.There are tons of level(I didnt make it to the end)lots of hazards,gameplay elements and it can get really fun once you get speedy and start feeling like you*re a ninja just flying past obstacles.The music is enjoyable.I pretty much liked it.

Fun gameplay and nice music. Premise is a bit dumb (hue hue randumb) but the game itself is challenging and fun. Gets hard real;y quick though. I'll admit I didn't even make it to the end. Couldn't get past the level with the pillars that have moving blades up and down and the lava pool right after. One issue I had was that the tiny square seems to slide a bit if you get going fast enough, which killed me quite a few times. Will probably come back and attempt to beat it another time.

Music gets a 10/10. Sounded really nice imo, even though it was extremely repetitive.

The premise really doesn't motivate me enough to continue trying to beat this game. It's infuriating how much the system set in place can work against you. You slip around like ice, which is only good for when you're moving fast purposely. The game lags beyond belief sometimes with all the moving objects, water bubbles and lava that rises then falls, which sometimes only slows down the frames and other times skips over some. The wall jump mechanic is a good idea, but you need to get rid of the stickiness factor to it because it's impossible to hug walls and still make jumps due to how the sticking impedes you. You call the respawns "generous" yet sometimes they really dick you over, for example when the perishable blocks get destroyed and the guns can spawn kill you. Speaking of which, there needs to be a way to reset perishable blocks because they're detrimental sometimes to getting things done in the reasonable difficulty you claim the game has.

Controls are too slippery, can also sometimes be stiff so are not at all precise.
Also it is NEVER a good idea to just make wall jumps 'easy' by causing you to instantly stick to the wall, died too many times that way. Also pretty sure momentum does not work like that.
For a game that is supposed to be fast and fluid; the swimming is WAY too slow and having to wait for moving platforms to reset which takes a while despite re-spawns being so fast is bothersome.

All around an alright platformer.