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Reviews for "Don't Forget the Bard!"

I play it twice in both the bad ending (death and depression xD)

In the next try to put some drawings!
It is not difficult to draw an octopus, a mermaid, a noble warrior, a sex scene and a pirate ship.

Good work although sometimes I felt reading some meme about lord of the ring, or Pirates of the Caribbean XD

btw items for? i never press one! Zzz

But good work 3 / 5 (3 just for the music) but really its 2.5

hotdogtopus responds:

Ha ha. If you didn't use any of the items, your adventure wasn't long enough. The food items allow you to keep going. Some items get used automatically, so you don't have to click on them. Switching between bard's clothes and beggar's clothes will change what happens in the adventure. The fishing equipment lets you fish, etc. I'll include some item notes in the next update. That might encourage people to experiment more with the inventory. Also, the inventory will be more critical after I release the expansion.

That's true -- it's not difficult to draw an octopus. LOL! I'll poke around for some drawings to put in there.

I liked the game, it is well written and engaging. I liked the theme and the flair that the game gave. Tried to go some routes, but until now I tried only the settings with "good nature" and "praise". Don't know if that influences the bugs/errors I noticed?

Bugs/Errors I've noticed:
-) the shop click point is below the letters, thought it is like the neighbourhood disabled. Only after 4 or 5 different paths/tries I noticed the shop can be entered.
-) at the ending with the pirates, there was an error where it wrote first the ending of 'scribe'(or was it 'duel', I'm not absolutely sure, one of these was it though), then immediately the ending of 'sing song'. Wasn't too disturbing but maybe needs a look or two.

Maybe, if it is in the intent of the creator, add some pictures/collectibles? Could be a nice bonus for people who aren't only interested in text written adventures.

hotdogtopus responds:

Thanks! Those were good bugs. I think the text may be displaying differently on different browsers, so I broke it up into smaller chunks on that screen. I think that should fix the hotspot issue, but I'm not sure because I'm unable to replicate it on my machine. I did have other issues with the text displaying lower in earlier builds, but I thought I found a workaround for all of those. Working as a scribe for the pirates was broken, so I uploaded a fix for that.

Thanks again for reporting those!

Very nice!
The only disadvantage of this game is that it's text-based. You have to reeeaaaaad your way trough the story to understand it. This is a pinch of dust compared to the well-written plot.

hotdogtopus responds:

LOL! Thanks. This was designed for shorter attention spans. The next game will be short, but I think you'll like the plot better.

a short but very good, with a funny story that gets people easily invested

hotdogtopus responds:

Thanks! There are actually about 15000 words in the game, but it is difficult to access each area because of the stats. It may need rebalancing if people are walking away thinking it's a short game, but the design allows for long and short plays.