Reviews for "One Punch Man vs H2oDelirious"

I died laughing x'D

Pretty cool how you played it like the actual fight... right up until the end there! Re-animating the actual scene with just one new character... pretty cool idea! The fluidity of the fight really comes across too.


DuDuL responds:

Thanks man! I'll try to play around more fight scenes. It's really fun and rewarding to animate


So this was notbad at all it was actually pretty amusing and gave me a fee laughs so nice work here I really like how this all played out the characters are good and the animation is pretty decent and I would say overall this was a pretty good animation you have here

I thaught it was fine as is


Well....that was unexpected. Yeah, the voice wasn't the greatest but meh, I've heard worse. But....I'll get to the "unexpected" part later. The fight scene was quite well done. Seemed kinda....sketchy to me. Not saying it was bad, but like that kind of art piece where you slapped a brush on and Voila, you made art. Not really the best of your abilities but hey, it's art. You made. Happy day. :)

However, I thought that youtuber in this video was just going to be "that guy"....but didn't expect him to shut his mouth when saitama accidently...just flicked his finger. I mean.....daaaaayum. Talk shit, get....flicked.


Animation is decent.

DuDuL responds: