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Reviews for "Arnie and the Hitchhiker"

To be fair, this is really bad gave it 5/5. I just laughed soo much. Characters, dialog and expecialy that dancing scene... i mean, I was crying from laughter. Great job, even tho it was unintndet. Keep doing the good work.

its really well done i like the different endings and i love to play and find them all keep up the good work

What is the first song is in the background?

fleetp responds:

The song is Unpromised by Kevin Macleod.
All songs in this VN are by Kevin Macleod, licensed under a creative commons license.
incompetech dot com

Not too bad in fact. It does have room to grow however. For instance, apply achievements for each ending so players can track their progress. Second, remove the shake animation from the climax scene. It comes out looking less like sex and more like an earthquake

I found it to be enjoyable, and got to one of the endings pretty quickly, will try the other ones as well. True, the graphics and "sex scenes" aren't that great, but at least the story and the game play are good which is nice. Funny thought.... what adults date for 9 months and don't have sex? lol... what year is this supposed to be in anyway ;p