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Reviews for "Plantera"

A game that is both entertaining and cute. Nice job!

Such a well polished game, but it lacks content.

REALLY great idle game compared to the others, but has no replay value and only has about an hour worth of content which is TERRIBLE for an idle game.

I would also like to point out that i dont like the fact your computer version is much less developed than your mobile app. Its much smoother on the computer and i have no idea why you dont offer the same purchases and game content on the computer.

if you made the game longer, and added some sort of prestige mode, you will find that most people will spend money after their first play through chasing the longer term goals.

my advice: make it longer THEN add a prestige mode to start over with rewards for doing so. Find a way to connect the app with the computer version if you expand this game so the player can play on the computer or their phone and their purchases will effect both accounts. Just have a verification code or account code to input to load their account or somthing idk.

I like the Pantera reference in the title ;)

Very fun game , made me download it for android :D

Fantastic game! I don't see any reason to give it a bad rating. The sounds, gameplay, graphics and so on were amazing! Great job! ;)