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Reviews for "Viewpoint - A Game of Perspective"

Brilliant concepts and awesome designs! Totally worth my time finishing all the levels lol. 5/5 and faved it <3

That was an amazing game; i absolutely love the mechanics of it, i think it's wonderfully pulled off, and i especially like the level designs. I feel that you've done really well with keeping it simple, fair, relatively challenging, and overall quite enjoyable.

I cannot commend you enough for how well the game works, i didn't experience any difficulties in terms of bugs or glitches. And i cannot begin to explain how awesome it is that you put in a volume control bar, rather than just a mute button, it's one of my pet peeves when someone makes a game with bad music (yours wasn't) and a mute button, while a fix to it, sometimes may lose a games atmosphere, so i love being able to control the output of sound.

The only constructive criticism i may give this game, is that when you don't turn the perspective completely into a moveable platform, or when you're moving the perspective, it causes the music to completely cut off. I don't know if that's intentional, but it's just a small tidbit. Overall, quite an enjoyable game and i definitely give it 5 stars, well done!

love how the game works in a way that it only moves in the perspective that you see it in.
if more games were like this id play them all

Gotta say, this reminds me a lot of Echochrome (one of my favorite games ever, btw). Great job!

I love the different levels, how they all have names and shapes that relate and how you actually have to think to win.
I'm really bad at thinking though.