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Reviews for "Viewpoint - A Game of Perspective"

I love isometric sliding games to begin with, but this one is a whole new concept. I'm only six levels in, and am planning on spending a fair amount of time solving the remaining 21. Thanks for a fun puzzler!

(I had a time stating that without punning -- I kept thinking of the words "twist" and "dimension," but I ultimately went for "concept." You're welcome.)

that question mark level seems a bit bugged or the the movement seems off.

I really really enjoyed this game! It was incredibly unique and interesting as far as logic puzzles went. My one gripe was just that sometimes you could move through the grey and other times you couldn't, and when you could and couldn't could be a little finnicky, but aside from that, an absolute perfect game.

BryceSummer responds:

Hey thanks!

Really good but some of the puzzles could have been solved faster with a different path that the games for some reason doesn't allow like in a certain perspective the cube should move but doesn't bc reasons?? Just a little pet peeve i got from playing a bit to level 18. It's fu but maybe some of the levels should be tweaked for those quicker solutions that should be able to work but the program of the level does not allow.

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I originally found this game on Coolmath. Because of the subscriber thing, I couldn't play this at home. Now that I have found it on Newgrounds, not only can I play it at will, but I can write a review for it.
This is one of my favorite games of all time.
The mere concept of it is amazing.
It is the epitome of a good puzzle game. I congratulate you on the hard work that it must have taken in order to produce it. You took the idea of "Find a way to get to this spot" and flipped it on it's head. I couldn't make a game more clever and head turning than this. Thank you for making this work of art. -DoubleOK

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks! Reviews like this keep me going :).