Reviews for "Return to Earth"

Avec la manette c'est vraiment génial! Super bon jeu!

Looking amazing! Amazing production values. This is Stage3D?

RitchieRitual responds:

It isn't stage3d unfortunately.

Potential, but has problems...

The key combos are very touchy. It's too easy to lose dash mode and thus make rewinding impossible.

Also, you need to explore for exits, but some spots have the same charming design error as my old school; After hours, it was possible to leave a building via one-way (panic) doors, then be in a connecting corridor with only one-way doors leading into it, leaving you trapped 'till morning (or in this case, 'till save delete.)

As you design, you probably need to think about 'what if' people do not follow the 'ideal' path, and wind up in areas before they have the key items or skills you expect. Then make sure there is a ^path back to the starting room.

This is great, I'm not experiencing any of the lag that other people are talking about.

Honestly... I loved it. It wasn't really difficult, but I thought it was on purpose... I think it would have be great to add a scenario to your game, you know. The universe is very interesting, so why not? I'd love to know what happened on Earth, why does this research lab exists, where do all those parasite-plant monsters come from... But in the end, it was a very decent demo. I love art pixel art, its one of my favorites kinds of 2D art, and I know how compicated that must have been to draw all those sprites.

For the remaining, I've read a lot of reviews below saying the game was laggy, but I didn't lag (on Chrome).The only thing that was frustrating for me was about the weapons, the upgrading system and the fact you lose your gun when you die... I lost the flamethrower I found by pure hazard, so I'm a little bit.... Argh...

In the end, that game has a real potential. I'm totally impatient to see it when you'll finalize it :)

PS: Sorry for my english if I have made any mistakes, I'm trying to do better but I know I'm not perfect ;) Keep up the good work !