Reviews for "Time Leaper"

I am not lying when I say this is seriously the best song I've ever heard. I've listened to this countless times, and I can't find anything wrong with it! The instrument choice is perfect, the melody is amazing, and its just an amazing song in general! In my opinion, this is the perfect song, so keep up the good work! 18/5

BEST SONG EVER! This song has an amazing drop, and the end is just plain AWESOME! This is my number 1 song on newgrounds <3

I think you still close to f-777

This is not a bad song, but I think it is a bit overrated.

Very good

So this was a good track here I really like the fact that this is over four minutes long you really show off some nice elements in this the sound is amazing and really good quality anyways good job here hope to hear more from you

Make more