Reviews for "Time Leaper"

I made a Newgrounds account just to tell you this is absolutely amazing and should be noticed more. My favorite part of the song is probably 1:05 to 2:12, but I did like how you built up again after that as well. One of the best songs overall on Newgrounds for sure ^ ^

This song is so unique, but has some of the BEST tunes I've every heard!! Outstanding song dude!!

Omg i want this on itunes plz i wod pey 4 dis

HINKIK has the best Songs on newgrounds i love all his songs

One of the best songs in the drumstep genre, no joke. Beautiful and extremely catchy melody makes this song really memorable. I honestly cannot find any flaws, apart from the fact that I have been listening to this song for over 3 months, and It still doesn't get old!
Keep up the good work, Hinkik!