Reviews for "My Childhood Nightmare"

Damn, I'm not even sure where to begin lol. For starters, I really love the whole set up for your claymation! Everything was so neat and detailed, it reminds me of Wallace & Gromit. The clay characters were pretty creepy from the way they looked, which was obviously the point lol. The suspense was amazing, especially with the static noise going on in the background. It really helps keep the mood. But I think what really makes this stand out is that the whole idea of this claymation was from a dream you had. It's just rare to see anybody make content based on dreams & nightmares. Bottom line is that this was a masterpiece! My next favorite! Keep up the amazing work! :P

djavh responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed it.

damn that's some solid work right there + floor looked like real! : O