Reviews for "Do You Know? Election 2016"

Good Questions! I got stuck on a few!

Amazing game.
We must stop the election and expose both candidates for the evil they are.
Voting doesn't matter as presidents are actually selected and then controlled by congress like a puppet.
Both candidates aren't meant for leadership and they'll start WW3 and kill this country.

Hillary's tax plan only raises taxes on the wealthy, with the very wealthy taking the bulk of the burden. It should lower taxes for the middle class and the poor. Trump's tax plan lowers taxes for everyone, with the largest benefit, by far, going to the wealthy. For the average citizen, the difference in the impact of both plans is minimal. For the wealthy it's pretty huge. Of course that's just for the direct federal tax; both have other things (such as tax credits) that will play a role, too.

Overall, a pretty interesting game, though. I really like the ending :)

applessmillion responds:

Depends on your definition of "wealthy"
According to this PDF from taxfoundation.org, Hillary's tax plan kicks in with different numbers once you start making around 37k as an individual (as seen here: http://taxfoundation.org/sites/default/files/docs/TaxFoundation-FF496.pdf)

Current tax brackets are as follows:

While she does not raise taxes on every bracket, she creates more brackets where anyone making over 37k as an individual will be paying more.

Thanks for the rating by the way ^_^

Very well made quiz. You put the questions very well together. Good job and keep up the good work! ;)

I've actually kind of missed your quiz games, so this was a nice thing to stumble upon, haha.

The quiz was simple and easy. It was too easy even, if you ask me. It would've been a nice if you put in a bonus timer like you did with your previous quiz games. It helped add some competition to the game.