Reviews for "POKEEMAWN"

A jumpluff skullfucking a dead sandshrew.... Yup, I've seen everything I can on the internet.

Wow, this is crazy. And by crazy I mean good. I like the way you used sound in this video. I also like the attention to detail on each pokemon, even though we only see most of them for a brief second, they all sort of have their own unique behavior. I especially like the gang standing outside the pokemon center (scrafty, toxicroak, and the big frog i forgot the name). All in all this is a great movie with good animation and good sound. 5/5

this is the third video I pick...tis is the tird time I'm mindfucked by the imagination portrayed...but this one is the best so far

Saw this on the NG twitter page and this was hilarious!! The animation was real smooth. I can tell you worked real hard on this project. I bet some of the animations were difficult to produce like the Pokémon breathing in the doctor's office. Keep up he good work.

Fuck pokemon!