Reviews for "POKEEMAWN"

Probably the most terrifying possibility of what a world with Pokemon would look like. The frustration, the danger, the lack of control--you made me never want to see another pokemon again.

Well, at least until Sun and Moon come out :P

I relaly liked how you used the old cries and music from the older games, felt unique, also the randomness and craziness made it a great.

this is the third video I pick...tis is the tird time I'm mindfucked by the imagination portrayed...but this one is the best so far

Wow, this is crazy. And by crazy I mean good. I like the way you used sound in this video. I also like the attention to detail on each pokemon, even though we only see most of them for a brief second, they all sort of have their own unique behavior. I especially like the gang standing outside the pokemon center (scrafty, toxicroak, and the big frog i forgot the name). All in all this is a great movie with good animation and good sound. 5/5

LMAO psyduck tripping out. All the pokemon are assholes XD