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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

It's pretty fun. Looks simple, but I don't mind that in these types of games. Could do with some improvements here and there though.

For instance, make it possible to increase our stock size for money. Add more costly items, because as it is right now it's taking me forever to hit 10k. Some sort of system with actual customers would be nice, whether it's them disliking you for turning them down or liking you more for buying stuff from them?

Also, the most profit I've managed to make off the Dendy Classic is 1 dollar, no-one ever wants to go below 100 on that thing. The signed Super Mario World cart as well, never managed togo below 300 on it. Is this intentional?

i like the idea

The name is beefythug. Have a nice day, heres the resale value of every item.
Golden axe 15
Sonic 15
Super Metroid 60
Ecco (broken) 5
Ecco 20
Streets of rage 2 50
F zero 30
virtua fighter 8
Broken super Mario 64 4
Super Mario 64 14
Legend of Zelda, link to the past 10
Mario kart 64 25
Mario bros 18
Super Mario bros 10
Tomb braider 13
Sega rally 14
Final fantasy 7 500
Night trap 50
Zelda no densetsu 16
Wipeout 10
Legend of Zelda ocarina of time 400
Adventure 40
Pitfall 10
Firefly 20
Donkey kong country 20
Goldeneye 20
Metal gear solid 300
Sonic the hedghehog 8
Pokemon yellow 500
Gran tursimo 10
E.T. the extra terrestrial 800
Tetris 6
Super Mario world 300
Famicom disk system 55
Sony playstation 20
Super famicom 50
Gerneal instrument 3
Color tv game 6 42
Game boy 30
Atari 2600 50
Magnavox odyssey 100
Sega master system 30
Sega genesis 40
Sega Saturn 50
Dendy classic 100
Pong 500
Puckman arcade 700
Mortal kombat arcarde 300
Fairchild channel f 60
Game gear 50
Nes + rob 120
Ddr arcade 1200
Street fighter 2 arcade 250
Donkey kong arcade 600
Space invaders arcade 800
Magnavox profit caravan gb 1000
Home pong 30
Microvision 20
Nintendo sony playstation 5000

The game itself has a interesting concept but it can get repetitive after a while.

Nicely made game! I like the that you learn gaming history alongside playing a pretty fun and challenging game!