Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

Great! Great! Great!

I love games involving economy / business!

It's a proof that all you need to make a great game is an idea. The graphics aren't spectacular,
but they serve their purpose. I wish there were more items, though. 100 looks like a magical number.

I already PMed some suggestions and ideas in regards to balancing the game a little for newcomers, though. It might be a little hard at first, but once you slowly build up your funds, it becomes much much easier. If only it was that easy to earn money in the real world....

Very fun!

Vincermaid23, you missed a few
Nintendo 64 45
broken pong arcade 125
Orcanina of time broken 100
Ridge Racer 10
Ridge Racer Broken 3
Broken saturn 13
Broken donkey kong Arcade 150
Famicon 65
broken atari 2600 13
Golden eye: 20
Broken Playstation 5
Dance Dance Revolution 1200

I can't stop playing this please help

It would be cool if you added an update with more items to buy and the ability to upgrade how much you can keep in stock and how much you have to pay the expert.