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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

Good game but sometimes the 'expert' will say the item should be tested when IT WAS TESTED. Also I feel the expert is a waste of time since he doesn't really add to the game.

wont load for like 10 minuets I have been waiting please help will rate better if it ever loads

drludos responds:

Hi, I've tested it, and the game works fine of my end.

As it uses Flash, I guess your browser is simply blocking Flash content, preventing you to play the game. Do you have a bar on top of the screen telling you "For your protection, Adobe Flash Content was blocked" or something like that? If yes, please press "Authorize" / "Activate" / "Enable Content" or the similar button.

Please let me know if you are still having issues.

Fun but needs a lot of work. The customers want ridiculous prices and I can't set my own prices. Ok well that's just part of the game. But the appraisal is ridiculous. Firstly, if I'm running a game store I can appraise the damn stuff myself. Plus, if I buy something and say lose $4 the appraiser comes out and tells me I should have paid him $10 in order to avoid that loss. What fucking madness is that? Why should I pay $10 to save $4????!!

Medals aren't working. I've gotten $10k and collected everything and it won't give me my medals.

Also, here's a spreadsheet of how much everything in the game is sold for:


you cant even play the game, WHAT??