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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

Pretty good game. I had a good time playing, although I'm not sure how much longer it would have taken before I got bored. Overall, not bad at all.

I really enjoyed this game! It even has a little bit of replay value, if you ask me. Seeing so many classic and nostalgic video games and consoles was very cool and being able to buy them was even cooler!

There are a couple of things in the game that you can't seem to make a profit off of, though. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and General Instrument AY38500 were the two things I could never make a profit off of. A customer would always want too much money for the Zelda game and I could only ever get the General Instrument AY38500 at it's retail price, so I would make no money when it was sold.

Also, I didn't like the fact that you had to pay to talk to the expert about an item. I really think that idea should've been scrapped. It can be more of a con than a pro when someone is new to the game and doesn't know the value of any of the items. It can burn a hole in the players wallet if they call the expert a lot.

Besides those two issues, this is a great game! I'd love to see a second installment with even more games and consoles to buy.

I admit to being kind of bored by this game. I still liked it, if only because of the videos you showed. That was really weird, but it worked out well! I especially liked how long the videos were. Outside of that, it was boring. I can't even go near bankrupt!

I would still recommend this. I found this to be unique as a game. Hopefully, this game won't itself end up as one of these! Well, there'd be no console.

Good game, but seriously needs a lot of improvements
So you can see what you've sold and at what price
Improved stock
So you can see the pictures of the items you have and also the price at which you bought it!
The ability to put a price on an item and a gauge so you can either raise or lower the price, some upgrades would also be nice! it has a great concept but seriously lacks features that other games where you are a shop owner have. keep it up bro.

It's a fun game, but there's a major issue with the numbers. I rarely ever have anyone accept less than 3 to 5 dollars under the sell price of an item, and when you factor in the cost of the expert, I either bleed money slowly or pass on everything.

However, you did perfectly capture the idea of idiots in real life trying to sell their junk for 3 times what it's worth and getting mad when you refuse.