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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

0/10 Tutorial made me give up the original Golden Axe wtf

But fr this game is interesting but it feels a little too plain despite how much content there is. Fun regardless

The only reason I truly hate this game is because it triggered me. I wanted to smash these customers heads into the table trying to sell me broken consoles for retail price.

do you have battle toads?

I admit to being kind of bored by this game. I still liked it, if only because of the videos you showed. That was really weird, but it worked out well! I especially liked how long the videos were. Outside of that, it was boring. I can't even go near bankrupt!

I would still recommend this. I found this to be unique as a game. Hopefully, this game won't itself end up as one of these! Well, there'd be no console.

Vincermaid23, you missed a few
Nintendo 64 45
broken pong arcade 125
Orcanina of time broken 100
Ridge Racer 10
Ridge Racer Broken 3
Broken saturn 13
Broken donkey kong Arcade 150
Famicon 65
broken atari 2600 13
Golden eye: 20
Broken Playstation 5
Dance Dance Revolution 1200