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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

Nicely made game! I like the that you learn gaming history alongside playing a pretty fun and challenging game!

Don't have much to say, but I FREAKIN LIKE THIS GAME :D

The A.I. need some improvment because it is very frustrating that the customer wants 133$ and the game is not working.. Anything else is it ok and keep it up with this great job!

I thought this was a fun little mix of info and play. I liked the haggling aspect, and quickly learned to start recording the resale price and what the lowest possible starting bid I could do for each item was. This was pretty cool, but there were hints at something more substantive:

#1 - Item Condition; Right now it's very all or nothing. Either it works perfectly, or it doesn't work at all. Meanwhile, there were descriptions of everything, like "mint condition" or "with the manual, box, case, and cartridge" or "missing the manual, but who cares?". Well... I'm sure someone cares! Why not have these alternate descriptions modify things? Like a mint condition Zelda versus a beaten up Zelda.

#2 - Resale variance; It feels weird that all your items sell for the same amount every time. Perhaps have a viewable inventory where you can use a slider to set a price, low for fast sale, high for long sale.

#3 - Weekly costs? Aside from the cost of buying stuff, there was no impetus to make money. Perhaps there needs to be a monthly cost... perhaps even a low one?

#4 - Upgrades! Perhaps upgrade internet; upfront cost and increased monthly cost, but faster sales. Upgrade inventory storage; you can hold onto more items at once. Repair Shop; send a broken item in to be fixed. Etc.

The game itself has a interesting concept but it can get repetitive after a while.