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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

I love the game but it's a pain in the ass. You literally have to nickle and dime your way up. It would be nice if the seller new what the expert said. I keep a pen and paper with me playing this, and it is just absurd some of the prices people want and barely making any profit off of it. Again I loved the concept of the game though

Great game, one of my favorites i played till i wasin Day 3/5 Week 7

Great game, but one client wanted $100 for a Nintendo 64! I don't think that client knew that his system is only worth $20-$30.

Good game, but seriously needs a lot of improvements
So you can see what you've sold and at what price
Improved stock
So you can see the pictures of the items you have and also the price at which you bought it!
The ability to put a price on an item and a gauge so you can either raise or lower the price, some upgrades would also be nice! it has a great concept but seriously lacks features that other games where you are a shop owner have. keep it up bro.

Very good game.I would suggest adding more achievements and a little bit more to do after you have all of the acheivements