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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

If I could suggest one thing: Once a game has been appraised or sold, I should already know how much it's worth. I was struggling to get above the $300 mark until I started writing down how much everything is worth.
I played several hours, it's very satisfying.

As a few have said, the game needs a touch of adjustment and a few more things to do. The ability to increase stock size and lowering some of the difficulty of the customers are the top ones that come to mind (I have never bought a copy of Wipeout for less than 11 dollars no matter the negotiation and it only sells for 10) but aside from all of that, the game is solid, easy and fun.

I can't stop playing this please help

Fun but needs a lot of work. The customers want ridiculous prices and I can't set my own prices. Ok well that's just part of the game. But the appraisal is ridiculous. Firstly, if I'm running a game store I can appraise the damn stuff myself. Plus, if I buy something and say lose $4 the appraiser comes out and tells me I should have paid him $10 in order to avoid that loss. What fucking madness is that? Why should I pay $10 to save $4????!!

I LOVE this game! It's addicting! It's the kind of game that you'll want to play before work. It's giving me all the flash backs when I was a kid =D I'm having trouble with the value system and remembering what sells and what doesn't. It turns out I'm not that good of a haggler/salesman. Oh well. Someone actually made a youtube video on this so that's helpful too heh. Great game though! I'll be downloading this on my android for sure!

And I've added this game to my favourites list. That doesn't happen often at all so that's a pretty big compliment =D Thanks for all the flashbacks from the 90's on =D