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Reviews for "Vintage Game Shop"

It's pretty fun. Looks simple, but I don't mind that in these types of games. Could do with some improvements here and there though.

For instance, make it possible to increase our stock size for money. Add more costly items, because as it is right now it's taking me forever to hit 10k. Some sort of system with actual customers would be nice, whether it's them disliking you for turning them down or liking you more for buying stuff from them?

Also, the most profit I've managed to make off the Dendy Classic is 1 dollar, no-one ever wants to go below 100 on that thing. The signed Super Mario World cart as well, never managed togo below 300 on it. Is this intentional?

I played it on Armorgames too. Make me remember lot of stuff... a problem is I think the fact that you can't remember the price of a object after a call, guess i will have to take a pencil ... Hope you will make a sequel with more stuff !

Great! Great! Great!

I love games involving economy / business!

It's a proof that all you need to make a great game is an idea. The graphics aren't spectacular,
but they serve their purpose. I wish there were more items, though. 100 looks like a magical number.

I already PMed some suggestions and ideas in regards to balancing the game a little for newcomers, though. It might be a little hard at first, but once you slowly build up your funds, it becomes much much easier. If only it was that easy to earn money in the real world....

It's a good game but one thing is illogical: why would I pay the expert $10 every time if the clients won't sell me the item for such a low price anyway? Their last offer is almost always higher than the predicted re-selling price.