Reviews for "Marios Adventures(Level3)"

Some bugs

There is a bug at the beginning, with the 3 coins. If you go to the second platform, and jump up, you will collect the bottom coins, but not the top one. If you jump from there, and not really touch the coin, it will count as you did, so you can get unlimited coins from there. Btw, nice handdrawn sprites :)

good job.. i guess

gettin kinda borin, but o well- thats how it goes... hey! you got new music ;)

it was good

it was pretty good but why cant i kill badguys? that makes it too difficult if i cant kill badguys. the only thing you should change is the ability to kill badguys.

Too easy...

you should have made some kinda maze or something to put more interest in the game and also i found a bug at the part with the goomba on the disappearing platform, the blocks before it, theres little gap and u could fall through it... thats the only bug so good for you! in ur 3d game put alot of mazes and enemies instead of just having to pass 1 at a time. well this game was above average, so u get a 7.

this was really good i need to learn from u

teach me how to make movies and games cuz i don't know how cuz i'm new to the site