Reviews for "Marios Adventures(Level3)"


im a big fan of "mario & luigi" but....this game is kinda hard.
their are some things u should improve,such as:

1.the backround

2.options of difficulty

3.improve graphics

thats pretty much it!

p.s.that was great!
p.p.s.keep on goin at it!

ez pz


Pretty good recreation of super mario with drawn characters (rather than sprites). That first hole that Mario had to jump over was hard (took me several times to get past it), plus there is that turtle that can come back to get you very fast. Hard game, tough having to start over once you get hit by the enemies. Being able to squash them would be nice. Fun to play, good controls.

Some bugs

There is a bug at the beginning, with the 3 coins. If you go to the second platform, and jump up, you will collect the bottom coins, but not the top one. If you jump from there, and not really touch the coin, it will count as you did, so you can get unlimited coins from there. Btw, nice handdrawn sprites :)

nice game and boo appearing at the start.