Reviews for "Marios Adventures(Level3)"


Pretty good recreation of super mario with drawn characters (rather than sprites). That first hole that Mario had to jump over was hard (took me several times to get past it), plus there is that turtle that can come back to get you very fast. Hard game, tough having to start over once you get hit by the enemies. Being able to squash them would be nice. Fun to play, good controls.

needs work

this is interesting and has a lot of potential, but it would be a lot better if you could eliminate your enemies or pick up more goodies. Good start.

This is an improvement.

It is good but you could make it so you can kill the enemys and you can still get hit from far away. You should improve it if your going to make more to the series. I like it better than the first two, you should also make a raccoom mario suit, It would make it fun, make a level were you have to fly to do some parts. It could be a real big hit! JUst tyr to improve, If your technology is not that good at least make it to were you can kill the bad guys with jumping on them, or even a partner. This isnt a reveiw to tell you the game is a piece of shit. Its a calm reveiw like you wanted.

Too easy...

you should have made some kinda maze or something to put more interest in the game and also i found a bug at the part with the goomba on the disappearing platform, the blocks before it, theres little gap and u could fall through it... thats the only bug so good for you! in ur 3d game put alot of mazes and enemies instead of just having to pass 1 at a time. well this game was above average, so u get a 7.

try harder

next time u makes a game like this u must lay some time or it will only be a waste of time!