Reviews for "Marios Adventures(Level3)"

nice game and boo appearing at the start.

ez pz

THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE. The first jump is impossible for all I know! IT STINKS MORE THAN MY DAD'S ARMPITS!

Not too sure why you are not allowed to jump on enemies, it makes the game next to impossible to even start. As soon as you jump to the opposite side, the green shell koopa suddenly speeds up and gets you whether you jump or not.

The graphics are average for around the time period.

The audio is really loud for picking up coins which was more annoying than anything.

Overall, seems like a train wreck of a game and just meant to be next to impossible to bother with.


im a big fan of "mario & luigi" but....this game is kinda hard.
their are some things u should improve,such as:

1.the backround

2.options of difficulty

3.improve graphics

thats pretty much it!

p.s.that was great!
p.p.s.keep on goin at it!