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Reviews for "Coffin Counseling"

Good work!Fills kinda like undertale,kinda.

Awesome game with a great premise and the ending really got a laugh out of me. The music was repetitive, but that's a minor gripe. Good Job.

Very casual, movement mechanics are ew, but it is kinda funny.

Great work!, this was a fun one to go through!, creatures felt very unique, and it was entertaining to follow their problems, some of them being pretty humorous or just strange in general, nice you could sneak in a gamedev monster aswell.
Music was engaging and visuals were well implemented within the palette, there was a lot of fun variety on the backgrounds aswell.

That said, one thing I missed was that it made me wish that there were some more puzzle elements to it or some characters you could help and then they would influence other puzzles or be more connected to other characters from the castle (or maybe there was something like this but I didn't notice) as a 'break' from just talking to characters through the game.

But in any case it was a fun experience to follow, good job!

Hahaha very funny!! I love the graphics and the atmosphere