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Reviews for "Foetus and Graph - Game"




Not bad...

but excruciatingly difficult. There's no time to get both of the double paintballs which are quite common if you make it to level 2. This has potential to be a really fun game. They should allow you a little more time to hit the paintballs.

AGandPJ responds:

Yeah, the problem was the game was originally 12 fps, but because we used animations from our other movies, they looked jerky and crap, so we upped it to 15 fps, which makes the paintballs go too fast :/

Although they do go fast, it is possible to complete because they shoot randomly, so sometimes you might not get a double paintballer.
Plus, i have completed it 5 times. well...it is my game afterall :)

This was ok...

but it is impossible!! i have no idea what its wrong with it, but you have to slow it down a bit, espesially when the guy shoots 2 paintballs!
overall good job.

I really like foetus and graph, but...

Well... this game would be good if you would SLOW IT DOWN A BIT... its nearly impossible. Anyway, this series is great, and I'm waiting for episode 4!!!

sorry but...........

it's too fucking fast and impossible to be fun......i'd give it a good overall mark if it was actually possible, but the game lasts like 30-60 seconds if you're lucky.