Reviews for "Supermuzhik 2"

The game is fun, but for some reason, it keeps slowing down on me at certain moments, like right before I've beaten a level and other moments that are a little more critical like when I take serious damage. I haven't had any trouble like this with other games in a long while so I don't think it is me. Regardless, the game certainly offers a lot in options (with the many different weapons) and it seems like this sequel can get even more frantic with the speed at which you can pick up people and objects to throw them (I also like how you made tossing enemies unable to the player. This makes it much tougher).

I hope others will enjoy this game as well (though please look into the slowing down issue).

Overall this is a pretty addictive game, but I found the "flying noise" or whatever that was nearly unbearable, luckily it mutes with the sound effects. One other complaint would be that sometimes it's difficult to actually get the items, you seem to have to be right on top of them to actually grab them. Other than that this really is a wonderful little destruction game with some nice upgrading/metagaming elements and I had a lot of fun playing it. Made it to level nine so far.

It gets quite hard, a challenge, just like games should be, great job.

good fast.over all a great game

Very intense

So this was a very intense game and the medals are really nice there was some really nifty elements to the game and you really have to pay attention the controls are smooth and the AI is really good and very intense a fun game indeed here very nice work.

no major changes as this was pretty solid of a game here.