Reviews for "Supermuzhik 2"

Fuck this game, I've waste two hours that I should've spent getting some work done.
Seriously, this is way fun, I remember seeing the first one but I didn't even gave it a play, great game.

Uh, Happy Halloween I guess! Well, I was certainly addicted to this game. It's too bad the boss was so hard. When the villains are offscreen, it's really hard to damage them, especially if it's a boss! I liked how you could use so many things as weapons. You still had to aim correctly, though.

The music was nicely paced. I suppose costumed superheroes have something to do with Halloween. I love all the powerups. I had no idea when I even got a certain medal. They're all secret, obviously. It was just so fast paced.

#meatshield ftw. Great game.

This was Awesome! I like the fact that it isn't all just power ups that you have to learn power to attract enemies can hurt you. I played to the end and then some. The only nitpick I had was the ending was just a dream? That wasn't such a great pay off at the end. I was trying not to pick up civilians.
Good game that had me hooked.
I like more sound effects, building crumbling, and perhaps some cheesy tag lines from the hero.

It gets quite hard, a challenge, just like games should be, great job.