Reviews for "Supermuzhik 2"

Uh, Happy Halloween I guess! Well, I was certainly addicted to this game. It's too bad the boss was so hard. When the villains are offscreen, it's really hard to damage them, especially if it's a boss! I liked how you could use so many things as weapons. You still had to aim correctly, though.

The music was nicely paced. I suppose costumed superheroes have something to do with Halloween. I love all the powerups. I had no idea when I even got a certain medal. They're all secret, obviously. It was just so fast paced.

Fuck this game, I've waste two hours that I should've spent getting some work done.
Seriously, this is way fun, I remember seeing the first one but I didn't even gave it a play, great game.

The game is fun, but for some reason, it keeps slowing down on me at certain moments, like right before I've beaten a level and other moments that are a little more critical like when I take serious damage. I haven't had any trouble like this with other games in a long while so I don't think it is me. Regardless, the game certainly offers a lot in options (with the many different weapons) and it seems like this sequel can get even more frantic with the speed at which you can pick up people and objects to throw them (I also like how you made tossing enemies unable to the player. This makes it much tougher).

I hope others will enjoy this game as well (though please look into the slowing down issue).