Reviews for "Supermuzhik 2"

Very intense

So this was a very intense game and the medals are really nice there was some really nifty elements to the game and you really have to pay attention the controls are smooth and the AI is really good and very intense a fun game indeed here very nice work.

no major changes as this was pretty solid of a game here.


Unfortunately all the medals are secret. If you want to get any medals on your account for this game, occasionally go back to the title screen and check Medals, to see if you've earned any, and then click Synch Medals. If you don't do that you will never get any medals from this game.

Also there are never any indications in-game when a medal is earned, so the only way to know is occasionally go back to title screen and check Medals to see if you've gotten one or more you previously hadn't.

fun with a lot of random killing nice combo

i played i got the end and played again

LOVE this. I now sound like a monster for screaming the phase "Throw the baby at the saw" over and over again, but, really amusing!