Reviews for "Horror Paintings Parodies 3"

Great game! And as an spanish user, i love the translation work <3

good art
Thanks for the free medals too :D

Awesome game! Love the horror paintings!

The art is in strong in you, Munguia!

Another masterpiece, i loved it, scored 21 points and just one star (that's new for me!)
in the first try, with 10 secrets left out.

Again well dosed smiles on my face by movie titles and insanely gooood (!) parodies!

Loved the bits, when interaction came in, maybe some more even, in future famous
painting parodies? Think, your series will even gain more with this, if the effort is not
too much to ask for.. !? So or so: Non less than 5 shiny, smiling stars for you for this one. THANKS! :)

There sure are some scary paintings out there in the world.

Gotta love Gregor Baci who wrote the right answer on his painting.

Nice to see more Russian and Japanese paintings.

The new and harder secrets are also appreciated.

On overall a great game that let's player learn about some really cool art!