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Reviews for "Paladins"

It seems broken, just like your Raven one. It seems like it doesn't work correctly with the new Newgrounds player and the scenes are out of order or just broken... none of the buttons seem to work, and it's a jumbled mess. This is one of my favourite Flash porn movies, so I hope it is fixed or the option to play it in Flash again is put back...

I do wish there were more Paladins porn out there, especially with gals like Evie, Skye, Cassie, Meave, Ying and others. Hell, I'll take crossover smut with Overwatch. I can picture Evie pounding Mei's pussy either futa or with a dildo.

Really like it

Although I gave you five stars for this one, it is like one of the reviews in your Teen Titans one said, "The girl doesn't climax."

Maybe this is the style you are going for, but even so, the motions should be a little more exaggerated to give it a different feel.

Lol Bitch be Crazy