Reviews for "House"

Fun game. But the father, man... some dark stuff there...

I really enjoyed this. It's much more complex than it seems at first. It really takes some figuring to find all three endings. And I can't tell you how many times I forgot about those DAMN spikes!

isaacnite responds:

When we first implemented the spikes I think I died around 15 times in a row to them, lol.

I admit to not getting ahead in this game at all. Was that really supposed to be her daddy? He's not a very good one! Anyway, the graphics were great. A girl with brown hair who wears sweaters? It's like Mabel from "Gravity Falls"! Why didn't Dipper and Pacifica get together?!

The music was wonderful. You had so much mobility. I wish I knew how to get a medal. It's still great for the atmosphere it creates. Happy Halloween!

Simple and awesome game. Thanks for sharing.

Short, but conveyed the intended creepy feeling effectively, this reminded me a little bit of Lakeview Cabin.

My only complaint is the transition of the map, it's a little...I dunno what's the proper word for it...it has something to do with the way the camera pans to focus when she walks into large rooms. It does not feel right.

I can understand the way the gun is implemented, but a hint of where your fire can actually hit would be nice, because, I did not know I missed the target in the first time I tried to use it, I was given the impression that maybe the gun can only be used for a specific target.
(Which is false, you can fire at any living target.)

Another thing I'd like to suggest is a more flexible time constraint based on the kitty's location. I think it is a nice touch (the randomness), but it also create problems in replays when the kitty happens to be in farther locations. I would not say its location pretty much determined what kind of ending you can get, but it did impose noticeable time penalties.
(It's both a pro and con I'd say. Having less time also means players cannot be certain if they can make it in time, adding tension)

I look forward for the enhanced version (as you've mentioned you intend to add more stuff into it in review responses). That'd be 4~4.5 stars in my book, and 5 if you make it into a full blown game, like Lakeview Cabin.