Reviews for "House"

When going for the pure evil route, if you've already killed everyone but dad's head (post axe) and the doll+cat, and then shoot all three of them in your bedroom (line it up) the game will freeze. Music continues but no end, no movement, just frozen. The doll and cat's bodies also phase out of the game's frame.

Amazing animation and style, very interesting story and gameplay, cool music, great endings; overall, an amazing game!

Very Brutal and fun game. it being pixeled game was kind of a down side but well executed for this.

Cool game that is on the artistic side.

some notes on its crafting:

i didn't like the floor trap, i found it very tedious and i died to it at least 4 times because of its placement right by the door... at the very least you should move it to another area away from the door. Also what was the point of it? to get a few cheap kills? i dont think it was worth adding it, it didnt have anything to do with the atmosphere of the game or the story.

The whole "i need to use the bathroom thing" kinda was out of place. It was funny watching her die because i didnt do the thing first but i mean it really takes away from the atmosphere. "oh let me take a piss before i save the day with my total tranquility" i would recommend changing it to more of like "oh i need to get something out of the closet" where the barfing fetus should be

The timing of the dad's arrival i thought was perfect. Annoying at first because he came so fast, but later in the game when i was trying to figure out all the ending i was glad i didn't have to wait long for him to show up.

SPOILERS on how to start the three endings:

murder: you have to kill the dad. Dont bother with the axe. Keep in mind you can pick up and set the trap several times. Hope you are good with jukes

peace: find your REAL sister and let her take a piss.

total evil: Slash away, leave no survivors. You can stay alive tho.