Reviews for "House"

Amazing! The pure ending was very difficult for me, even if it had a very obvious element (hint will follow). Good work!

<<SPOILERish HINT: "sdraob" reversed>>

I REALLY enjoyed this game. I especially enjoyed the pixel style to it. The atmosphere was creepy enough to make me anxious and the fact that I was always worried over time really put me on edge. I know I always whispered "oh crap" every time the light would go out and then the clock would soon chime, signaling time was up. Achieving the "pure" ending was probably the scariest ending for me as I had to have everything. I ended up just setting the trap before the spike rug, laying the gun near the clock when I wasn't using it, and had the ax waiting just behind me for that scary head of daddy's that got me the first time around. It was a bit hard to figure out the madness, but in the end, I finally achieved the 3 different endings. This experience was quite unique in my eyes and I hope to see more like it in the future.

Thank you for sharing~ ^_^

This is a great game. Hilarious. Can somebody please tell me how I can kill Daddy's stupid, stupid head?

the only good game this week

This is game very good, especially for it being free and only done by 2 people.
However I find there's very troubling point when the player is figuring the game out.
The Medals were my only real way of figuring out the game by name alone.
I wasn't sure what was going on or what I was suppose to do or why I should trust a corpse in a toilet.
Why are there spikes in the rug? To just kill the cat?
Are we experiencing an interesting story or just figuring out how to kill the man claiming to be our father?
Without digressing, it's bad for the player to figure out the game exactly through trial and error,
I didn't know what to do until i experienced failure several times and now this game is no longer exciting but cheap and frustrating.
Wake up, avoid rug trap, find cat, give cat to doll, take gun, find bear trap, place bear trap to kill giant rat, find gun again, hurry to rat room, reset bear trap, use bear trap to stun killer, use 1 shot gun to kill killer, (his head is now going to kill me?) k, get ax, use ax to kill head.
This is better than most cut and paste games we find here but I'm not gonna pretend that i enjoyed it.
However i see hope for these developers and will follow their progress.