Reviews for "House"

One of the best flash games that I've played in some time, I enjoyed every second that I've played until now, even got the three secret medals. I really loved this game and I want to tell y'all that I am looking forward to a new game from these devs. Thank you Isaacnite and ChrisRats for this awesome piece of ''technology''! ;)


good game, his story are great but have gliches (i have 2 cats????????? is strange the doll dont give me the shotgun) but the game it is advisable

Awesome game. Reminds me of Lakeview Cabion for some reason.

Medal Guide:

-Give cat to doll to get shotgun
-Use bear trap to kill rat to have access to the axe
-Get trap, axe and shotgun in the same room (rat's room recommended)
-Reset trap, equip shotgun and wait for daddy
-Make daddy step in the trap, shoot with shotgun, then quickly unequip shotgun and use the axe to kill daddy's head

-Turn off the light in the corridor to unset the spike trap (or it will kill your sister)
-Use bear trap to kill rat to have access to the axe
-Use axe to kill the bathroom monster (or it will kill your sister)
-uSe axe to open the door locked with boards
-Inside the room, unequip axe and talk to your sister
-SIster will use the bathroom then sing the flute

*Pure evil
-Use axe, shotgun and/or bear trap to kill your sister, the doll and the cat before daddy comes home
-Daddy won't be hostile

Good short game, I got all endings. This is the sort of game which makes you stressed and anxious, but when you die you laugh at how close you were. Precision timing is a great combo with horror, and I liked it.