Reviews for "House"

At first I was confused why the zombie and boar werent adding to my kills, but then I found all 3 endings.

Amazing. This is the kind of stuff you see less and less in newgrounds. Would have loved if it was a bit longer, but then it would have to be a different game altogether.

WTF is this? A mad girl and a psychopathic dad. :/

Haven't seen a game this weirdly interesting. I hope that this game develops into something bigger.

I really liked the atmosphere, art style and music/sound.
The puzzles almost seemed self-explanatory but challenging due to the time limit and much fun to me.
Very minor critique: I tried to drop the *spoiler* on the *spoiler* but didn't realize you are supposed to talk to the *spoiler* while carrying the *spoiler* instead. (So I had to rely on comments even though I basically ha the same idea)

Absolutely worth playing in my opinion.