Reviews for "House"

I loved this game! However have some complaints, when I tried to kill the dad and shot him he still lived which I tried many times to do but got the same results. Also, is there a basement on the map? I was experimenting with things and waited with an ax by the door and the game glitched and it looked like I was in a new room like a fell through the games floor for the living room. It might have been the rat room with the lights on though.

I absolutely love this game! I played it and got stuck on the father for a while. I died A LOT. I am not going to say any more spoilers besides this: I gave my cat to the doll and I think they liked each other.

For a Game that says
"No escape, not Even Death"
i seem to die a lot

Awesome work on this!,
I played it MANY times just trying things out as fast as I could, until I finally realized that there was not enough time and decided to finally focus on specific goals. At the end I liked how the game wasn't too explicit in that sense telling you what to do, which serves the genre really well.
Keep it up!

As a HUGE Horror movie fan, I jumped at the chance to play this game when I saw it (and would later jump as a result of a shock scare during the game). This game, in fact, reminded me of Lakeview Cabin a bit. Both games being pixelated, both games having a creature you cant only kill once, and both have you searching for stuff to fight the creature off. That being said whether I am noticing coincidence, or influence is another story. But I digress, as this review is about House.
House is one of those games you are forced to play twice, mainly because you probably died the first time you played it. Does this make it a bad game? Fuck no. In fact, if your like me, upon death you jumped, cursed yourself, and then decided it wasnt going to happen again. Its the little things about this game that make it so good, and its the things you dont notice that will kill you. This game is one that you will find yourself playing again, unless you dont like scary games. The music, jump scares, atmosphere and overall creepy vibe make this a game you can play on Halloween or a night when your in the mood for a good jump. If your a fan of survival games, you will love HOUSE.